Mike DiDomenico is one of the finest magician that I have had the privilege of working with. His professionalism is only outshined by his amazing skills and talents. He engages audiences of all ages with his feats that seem to defy gravity, time, and space. It was a treat to watch him at work. The faces of wonder on the audience were a joy to experience. I was on the edge of my seat for his entire performance.

Mike is also involved in his community and making a difference. He was generous enough to assist at a magic show that benefited a local civic organization that supports the local community and developing of it’s young leaders. After the show he took the time to thank all of the audience and even let an up and coming magician practice his newly acquired skills. You can tell that he truly enjoys helping others and entertaining. Mike is a fine example of the whole package. He is smart, generous, kind, considerate, talented, enterprising, and a wonderful human being.

Linda M.

Chapter President, Jaycees

I had the privilege of hiring The Magic of Mike DiDomenico for my company party this past month. I’ve worked for magicians in the past (so I know many of their secrets;) and I have seen my fair share of magic shows, both professional and at the community level. All of Mike’s magic is unique, showcasing his manipulation skills, cutting edge illusions, and engagingly hilarious and witty personality. I could not figure out how he did anything, and it was by far the best performance I’ve ever seen! It was so fulfilling for me with a background in the industry to watch and admire being truly amazed by the MAGIC in front of me. Thank you Mike D for your shocking and unbelievable magic show! Cannot wait to hire him again next year!

Jacqueline S.

Assistant Producer, Onesti Entertainment Corporation, Arcada Theatre